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Cristian De La Fuente Personal Trainer Kills Managers and Himself

Cristian De La Fuente‘s personal fitness trainer stormed into a Miami gym and killed two managers before turning the gun on himself. The trainer was let go Saturday at the Equinox gym in Coral Gables “due to workplace violence and was escorted off the premises.” Authorities didn’t elaborate on what that violence involved. Shortly after […]

Cristian De La Fuente and Jose Ron Have Beef on Instagram

Cristian De La Fuente and Jose Ron let each other have it…on social media. Cristian stars in the novela “En Tierras Salvajes” and in a scene he chops down a tree with an ax. He shared the moment on Instagram with the caption “Cuando no hay gym… a darle al árbol.” Fellow actor Jose saw […]

Cristian De La Fuente Assisting Firefighters in Chile

Cristian De La Fuente is a bad ass with a good heart. After seeing the wildfires take over a massive region in Chile, the actor took it upon himself to help. He was frustrated that he couldn’t do more so he and his wife traveled to the area of the disaster to get their hands […]

Cristian De La Fuente Wife Rushed to Emergency Room

Cristian De La Fuente, Angelica Castro, had to be rushed to the hospital. The actor and his family were on vacation in Chile but put a pause on the fun when Angelica started feeling strong abdominal pains. She was taken to the emergency room but doctors still have not been able to tell her exactly […]

Sueño de Amor With Cristian De La Fuente Changes Time Over Low Ratings

Novela change-up! “People En Español” reports that Univision is modifying its primetime schedule…and it’s because of ratings. “Sueño de Amor” starring Cristian De La Fuente and Betty Monroe is not doing well. It is the lowest rated novela on the current lineup so the networking is swapping it out. It will now air at 7pm […]