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Sueño de Amor With Cristian De La Fuente Changes Time Over Low Ratings

Novela change-up! “People En Español” reports that Univision is modifying its primetime schedule…and it’s because of ratings. “Sueño de Amor” starring Cristian De La Fuente and Betty Monroe is not doing well. It is the lowest rated novela on the current lineup so the networking is swapping it out. It will now air at 7pm […]

Cristian De La Fuente and Fam Enjoy Disney Vacay

Sometimes you just need a little fun. What better place than Disney World for that?? Cristian De La Fuente knows that and that’s why he took his family to the theme park. Here they are enjoying Thunder Mountain and the smiles on their faces tell the best story ever!

Cristian De La Fuente and Roselyn Sanchez Quit Trump Too

Cristian De La Fuente and Roselyn Sanchez “quit” as hosts of Miss USA after Donald Trump’s insulting remarks against Mexicans and Latinos. Cristian went as far as to call Donald a clown. We say “quit” in quotation marks because neither was going to be the host of the official transmission – only the Spanish-language one […]

Galilea Montijo and Cristian De la Fuente Hosting Job Review

Galilea Montijo and Cristian De La Fuente hosted Premio Lo Nuestro. The script was a disaster but we think they did a good job. How about you? Thoughts??

Cristian De La Fuente’s Mom Passed Away

Cristian De La Fuente is in mourning. His mother has passed away and he shared the news with his fans via this photo of him giving her a kiss. Our thoughts are with the actor and his family.