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Cristian Castro Closes Show With Bloated Belly

Cristian Castro is back in the headlines…this time for packing on a few more pounds than he normally does. The Mexican singer was performing at Feria de Tabasco when he decide to end the show with a bang. Well, a belly bang. The shirtless video is making its rounds online because fans are pointing out […]

Cristian Castro Blasted For Video of Daughter Twerking

Cristian Castro‘s daughter is going viral online – for dancing to a Daddy Yankee song. Four-year-old Rafaela has her own Instagram profile and a video of her dance to “Dura” was uploaded – twerking and all. The majority of the comments are blasting her parents for posting the video because it is deemed provocative. The […]

Cristian Castro Month Long Wife Cool With New Girlfriend

What does Cristian Castro‘s wife have to say about his new girlfriend?? Days ago, the singer was seen with a new chick in Uruguay – so when wifey Carol Victoria Urban arrived in Mexico, she was asked what she thought about the situation. She messed around saying he would never do that to her, before […]

Cristian Castro Reveals Details of Quickie Marriage Breakup

Cristian Castro has never spoken about his month-long marriage…until now. The Mexican singer was on Argentinian show “La Noche de Mirtha” and revealed that he found a message on his wife’s cell phone during their honeymoon that essentially ended their relationship right there and adding. He added “No soy tan aguantador, la verdad no.” When […]

Cristian Castro Upset Luis Miguel by Dating Daisy Fuentes

Cristian Castro says he upset his friend, Luis Miguel, back in the 90s…and it was all because of Daisy Fuentes. He explains that he and Daisy started seeing each other – and he had no idea that Luismi was into her. Cristian says that he dated her first, adding “Yo cometí el error de salir […]