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Cristian Castro in Drag in New Music Video

Oh, brother…oops…sister! Cristian Castro has gone full on drag in rock group Genitallica‘s new music video. Cristian himself published the photo of him in a dress, wig, makeup, and pantyhose with the following caption:

Cristian Castro Says He’ll Take Responsibility if Ex’s Baby is His

Is Cristian Castro about to become a dad again?? What is being said is that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant. He was asked about it at the Premios Cadena Dial in Madrid and he said: “I want to clarify that if the baby is mine I will take responsibility. I will be responsible obviously.” The answer […]

Cristian Castro Says He’d Like to Pose For Playboy

Guess he really liked showing off his body online and on the red carpet!! Cristian Castro is now saying that he is wanting to pose for “Playgirl”. He’s joking, right?? RIGHT??!

Cristian Castro NOT Performing in Chile

It’s being announced all over Santiago that Cristian Castro will be performing at a festival in Chile. Nothing strange here, except that it’s not true. His representative has come out to say that he has never agreed to sing at these shows and right now they are looking at legal options since they are using […]

Cristian Castro Proudly Shows His Ass to The World

He just doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him! He is going to do whatever the hell he wants to do! Cristian Castro not only dropped his pants at an event revealing his nalgas – he’s also sharing the photo on social media with pride! Actually, it’s just funny! His hair is kinda sad though! […]