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Cristian Castro Wants Tour With Luis Miguel

Cristian Castro wants to go on tour with Luis Miguel. Even though Alejandro Fernandez is suing Luismi for breach of contract for not fulfilling his end of the deal for a tour, Cristian is interested in doing one. He was on “Hoy” and said he would like to do concerts with him…even possibly a residency […]

Cristian Castro Met His Father After Daughter Was Born

Cristian Castro revealed that he didn’t meet his father, Ramon Valdes, until he was a grown man. He explains that he waited until he was in his 30s when his daughter was born to come face-to-face with his dad. Cristian says he was afraid to meet him but decided that it was important for his […]

Cristian Castro Now With Green Hair

Cristian Castro has a new look!! The singer is rocking green hair these days. Yep, Cristian has gone Joker green. Thoughts??

Cristian and Loco Valdez at Veronica Castro’s Musical Debut

As we told you, despite of the blackout at the debut of her musical, Veronica Castro still got a standing ovation at the end of the night. Two of the people cheering for her were her son, Cristian Castro, and her ex, Manuel “El Loco” Valdez. Critian shared the image saying “Junto a mi padre […]

Cristian Castro and Aleks Syntek Want Reality Show

Cristian Castro and Aleks Syntek have been performing on stage together and it seems that the chemistry is right on. Both singers agree that they make a good team which is why they plan on doing more together. Up next?? They want a reality show! Cristian and Aleks want the cameras around at all times […]