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Cristian Castro Runs Away After Canelo Fight and Gets in Stranger’s Car

This might just be the most bizarre thing you’ll see today. After the Canelo Alvarez VS GGG fight, Cristian Castro ran…and ran and ran! All the celebs left the normal route, exiting while waving to fans, taking pics, saying hi to the media, and getting in their cars and leaving. Not Cristian. Once outside, he […]

Cristian Castro Releases Covers of Juan Gabriel Songs

Cristian Castro is paying tribute to Juan Gabriel. CC has released an album covering Juanga’s hits. He says the best moments of his life have been with Juan Gabriel music around and it’s thanks to his grandmother because she turned him on to his songs Cristian says he is so grateful to Juan Gabriel’s family […]

Cristian Castro Closes Show With Bloated Belly

Cristian Castro is back in the headlines…this time for packing on a few more pounds than he normally does. The Mexican singer was performing at Feria de Tabasco when he decide to end the show with a bang. Well, a belly bang. The shirtless video is making its rounds online because fans are pointing out […]

Cristian Castro Blasted For Video of Daughter Twerking

Cristian Castro‘s daughter is going viral online – for dancing to a Daddy Yankee song. Four-year-old Rafaela has her own Instagram profile and a video of her dance to “Dura” was uploaded – twerking and all. The majority of the comments are blasting her parents for posting the video because it is deemed provocative. The […]

Cristian Castro Month Long Wife Cool With New Girlfriend

What does Cristian Castro‘s wife have to say about his new girlfriend?? Days ago, the singer was seen with a new chick in Uruguay – so when wifey Carol Victoria Urban arrived in Mexico, she was asked what she thought about the situation. She messed around saying he would never do that to her, before […]