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Cristian Castro Will Shoot Reality Show

Cristian Castro announced his next project. He will be doing a reality show. “Estamos viendo con quién (televisora), ya estamos por firmar. Saldremos más o menos a partir de agosto. Deséenme suerte para que el reality dé para el negocio, voy abrir mi taquería. Es un reality como el de las Kardashian“. he said. Kristian […]

Cristian Castro Believes Juan Gabriel is Alive

Cristian Castro believes that Juan Gabriel is alive. There are plenty of fans that think the singer is alive – and that includes Cristian. In an interview, Raul De Molina asked him “¿Tú sabes lo que salió que en diciembre 15 aparece Juan Gabriel?, ¿Tú crees que está vivo?” Cristian said “Yo creo que sí…la […]

Cristian Castro Paid a Pretty Penny to Wife of 28 Days

How much did Cristian Castro have to pay his wife – of less than one month?? According to a source that talked to ‘TV Notas’ he had to fork over $343,000 to Carol Victoria Urban to put an end to their marriage. The mag claims that Cristian decided to pay a high figure to quickly […]

Cristian Castro Runs Away After Canelo Fight and Gets in Stranger’s Car

This might just be the most bizarre thing you’ll see today. After the Canelo Alvarez VS GGG fight, Cristian Castro ran…and ran and ran! All the celebs left the normal route, exiting while waving to fans, taking pics, saying hi to the media, and getting in their cars and leaving. Not Cristian. Once outside, he […]

Cristian Castro Releases Covers of Juan Gabriel Songs

Cristian Castro is paying tribute to Juan Gabriel. CC has released an album covering Juanga’s hits. He says the best moments of his life have been with Juan Gabriel music around and it’s thanks to his grandmother because she turned him on to his songs Cristian says he is so grateful to Juan Gabriel’s family […]