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Cristian and Loco Valdez at Veronica Castro’s Musical Debut

As we told you, despite of the blackout at the debut of her musical, Veronica Castro still got a standing ovation at the end of the night. Two of the people cheering for her were her son, Cristian Castro, and her ex, Manuel “El Loco” Valdez. Critian shared the image saying “Junto a mi padre […]

Cristian Castro and Aleks Syntek Want Reality Show

Cristian Castro and Aleks Syntek have been performing on stage together and it seems that the chemistry is right on. Both singers agree that they make a good team which is why they plan on doing more together. Up next?? They want a reality show! Cristian and Aleks want the cameras around at all times […]

Cristian Castro Dresses As a Woman Because He Is Darks

Cristian Castro has responded to the photos of him dressed in drag. The pics that were published in a Mexican magazine show him in makeup dressed in sequined pink pants and a one-shoulder butterfly top. He talked to “Primer Impacto” about the pics and while giggling said: “No soy gay, acuérdense soy darks” For those […]

Cristian Castro Dressed Up and Made Up Like a Woman

What in the what??! Cristian Castro is once again shocking the world. Photos of him dressed up and made up like a woman have come to light in a magazine in Mexico. Some say it was part of a photoshoot but the mag stated that the photos were indeed private and taken in a hotel […]

Cristian Castro Wants to Get Married to New Girl

Cristian Castro wants to get married. Even though he recently had a child with a new woman – he says that he isn’t interested in getting hitched with that baby mama. Instead, he told “Hola”: “Truthfully, I have been in love with this girl for a long time and the truth is that I can’t […]