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Christian Chavez Was Admitted For Ten Days

Update on Christian Chavez. The singer revealed to Televisa that he was admitted for ten days but that he isn;t ready to share the details of that experience – only that it is marvelous to reevaluate your life. Let’s remember, Christian posted suicidal pics online and many thought he was making light of such a […]

Christian Chavez Ex-Boyfriend Calls BS on Suicide Claims and Pics

It’s Christian Chavez versus his ex-boyfriend again! The former RBDer is back in the news for posting suicidal pics online, then getting criticized for playing with death, and finally for revealing that he did try to kill himself. His ex-boyfriend Ben Kruger now tells “Latin Times” that he’s suspicious of the pics, saying if they […]

Christian Chavez Says Suicide Pics Are The Real Deal

Christian Chavez says the suicide pics that he uploaded on Twitter were very real. He received heavy criticism for the photos because many felt it was inappropriate to play with such a serious subject. However, Christian says it was a real move on his part to end his life. CLICK HERE to watch the video […]

Christian Chavez Fakes Own Suicide on Twitter

Suicide is NEVER a joke! Christian Chavez alarmed all of his fans by posting pics of his supposed suicide on Twitter! His wrists look slashed, his eyes

Christian Chavez Releases Song Inspired by Domestic Violence Drama

Christian Chavez is turning a bad situation into something good. Only weeks after making headlines for a domestic violence incident, Christian has decided to release a song titled “Buenas Noches”. It is inspired by the events and he is dedicating it to his now ex-boyfriend. The lyrics are: