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Chiquis Rivera Doing Well After Surgery

Chiquis Rivera had to get emergency surgery after being hospitalized. According to the doctor who treated her, she underwent surgery due to endometriosis complications, but she is doing well. Her sister Jenicka Lopez informed her fans of her status. “My sister is doing a lot better, she did get out of surgery and everything came […]

Chiquis Rivera Hospitalized and it Could be Her Ovaries

Chiquis Rivera has been hospitalized and the situation could be more serious than her team originally thought. She was all set to perform in Morelia, Michoacan Mexico but canceled last minute because she fell ill. Her reps released a statement saying “Por medio de la presente les comunicamos que desafortunadamente Chiquis Rivera no pudo asistir […]

Chiquis Rivera Lashes Out Against Critics

Chiquis has had enough and had to speak her mind. She recently wore a jacket that reads “Mexico is the Shit” on the back, as many others have. Some people did not take the message that got lost in translation and began to attack her on social media. In response, she said, “Para la gente […]

Chiquis Rivera Reunites With Uncle Lupillo

It is no secret that the Rivera clan has had its share of feuds and estrangement among its members. Those days are in the past, at least for now. Chiquis, Lupillo, don Pedro, and Rosie Rivera were all in Miami for a taping of Don Francisco Te Invita and got together for dinner. It looks […]

Chiquis Rivera Says Jenni Rivera Apologized Via a Medium

Chiquis Rivera talked to a medium to get in touch with her mom and she told the details of the otherworldly conversation to ‘TVNotas.’ Chiquis said she was able to get a hold of Jenni Rivera through a spiritual médium, saying “Una amiga me recomendó a un médium; aunque al principio le dije que no […]