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Chiquis Rivera Reveals How Much She Charges to Have Photo Taken With Her

Chiquis Rivera is defending Ramon Ayala‘s practice of charging for pictures by saying she does the same thing. A few days ago, some media outlets criticized Ramon for charging fans 20 dollars to have their pic taken with him – which Chiquis caught wind of and right away jumped up to back him up. She […]

Chiquis Rivera Shows Naked Pic With Imperfections

Chiquis Rivera is being very real about being very real. She recently openly talked about having cellulite and stretch marks…and now she’s basically showing it! The singer posted a photo on Instagram and in it she is nude and you can tell she did not retouch it. In the pic, you can see some ‘imperfections’ […]

Chiquis Rivera Admits to Having Cellulite and Stretch Marks

Chiquis Rivera is openly talking about having cellulite and stretch marks. In a new project for Univision, the singer says she used to not like herself but is over that now. The message is to promote loving yourself despite the defects and being naturally you. Chiquis says this is to inspire women. A post shared […]

Lupillo Rivera Reconnecting With The Riveras

Chiquis Rivera says Lupillo Rivera is getting closer to the family. As you know, Lupi is getting a divorce – but there is some good news in the mix. Lupillo is apparently reconnecting with The Riveras. Chiquis says that Lupillo has reached out to Doña Rosa and to Rosie Rivera, bringing him closer to everyone […]

Chiquis Rivera Reacts This Way When Told to Lose Some Weight

Chiquis Rivera responded in the best of ways to Raul De Molina when he insinuated that she lose some weight. The singer was on “El Gordo y La Flaca” and Raul touched on the subject of maintaining a certain weight. Chiquis said she fluctuates – going up and down on the scale. Raul said they […]