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Chiquis Rivera Single Again and She Kept The Ring

Chiquis Rivera is a single woman! The singer revealed on “Al Rojo Vivo” that she and Lorenzo Mendez are no longer dating. He did propose and she said yes – but that’s all in the past. Chiquis said the split was difficult but things are good now. She also showed off her left hand to […]

Chiquis Rivera Breaks Ties With Someone Close

Chiquis Rivera is back and she gave an exclusive interview to “Primer Impacto” where she explained why she needed to take some time for herself, and why she had to cut ties with someone who was very close and part of her team. When Pamela Silva Conde asked what the biggest disappointment she had to go […]

Chiquis Rivera Releases Song With Jenni Rivera

Chiquis Rivera is back with a new single – with her mom, Jenni Rivera just as was reported. The song is called “Quisieran Tener Mi Lugar” and thanks to tech they two are able to be on one track. Jenni recorded the song years ago, before her unexpected death, and songwriter El Mimoso had no […]

Chiquis Rivera is Back With New Single

Chiquis Rivera is back! The singer has purposely been in hiding since December 2017 – so, for two month her fans have known little to nothing about her. Chiquis had been absent from social media – but made it up by publishing a puzzle-like image made up of several posts. In the caption she put […]

Chiquis Rivera Releasing Duet With Jenni Rivera

A Chiquis Rivera and Jenni Rivera duet?? According to El Mimoso, yes! He talked to Univision and revealed that Chiquis will be releasing a song with her mom. El Mimoso said “Ayer me dieron la noticia de que este 26 de febrero lanzarán un tema que me grabó Jenni Rivera, y lo sacarán a dueto […]