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Charytin Replaced by Albita on Mega TV Show

Charytin is no longer on a nightly show with Felipe Viel. The Dominican star had been hosting a show on Mega TV with the Chilean host – but that’s all changing now. Charytin will be replaced by Albita Rodriguez. There are some people saying that

Charytin and Felipe Viel Debut Their Fun and Exciting Show

They’re baaaaaaaaaack! Charytin and Felipe Viel reunited on television with a join program on MegaTV! “Charytin & Felipe El Show” debuted on Monday night and it was fantastic to see them together again! They have such incredible chemistry, they know how to play off of each other, and nothing looks forced – it’s just a […]

Charytin and Felipe Viel Teaming Up on New Show

Look who is back together!!! Charytin and Felipe Viel are teaming up again, this time on MegaTV. Their show will be called “Charytín & Felipe El Show”. We haven’t seen these two working on the same show since “Escandalo TV” and we LOVED that show so we are looking forward to this!!

Enrique Iglesias One on One With Charytin

Mega TV is getting a jolt of superstardom! Enrique Iglesias is going to be giving Charytin an exclusive one-on-one on her show this evening! It appears that having television wizard Ronald Day take over the reigns is definitely to show its value!

Charytin Queen of Long Beach Gay Parade

Charytin connected with her homosexual fans in Long Beach. She was the queen of the city’s gay parade and she proudly waved a rainbow flag to show her support. Oddly enough, she wore one of her most subtle outfits we’ve ever seen her in. Everyone loves Chary!