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Charytin Goyco Posts Touching Message to Ailing Husband

This is beautiful. Charytin Goyco posted a pic with her husband as the two embraced and the words she wrote are touching. Remember, he has been battling Alzheimer’s for several years and is at the point that at times he doesn’t know who she is. Her caption says: “Te amare toda la Vida!! Todos los […]

Charytin Goyco Reveals Her Husband Has Alzheimer’s

Charytin Goyco has revealed that her husband, Elin Ortiz, is suffering from Alzheimer’s. She told “El Nuevo Día” that his condition started to worsen four years ago and that although he is physically fit, mentally he is withering away. Charytin says that sometimes he just smiles at her without speaking so she isn’t sure if […]

Charytin Debuts New Celebrity News Show Paparazzi TV en la Pelu

YES!! Charytin is getting back to something very familiar to her…chisme!! MegaTV has launched “Paparazzi TV en la Pelu” which is basically a celebrity news show. The premise is that Chary owns a hair salon in which zany characters work at and gossip all day long. We LOVED to see her daily on “Escandalo TV” […]

Charytin Proves How Many Lives She Has With Siete Vidas Music Video

Charytin is BACK!! She is once again focusing on music with her single “Siete Vidas” and we love that she does what she does because she loves what she does. CLICK HERE to see Charytin as a pop music diva with her song!

Charytin Teases New Single Siete Vidas

Just as we told you Charytin is getting back to music and the name of her first single is called “Siete Vidas”. She may not be hosting on TV anymore but now she is getting into the pop game! We love her attitude and the fact that she just always has fun!! CLICK HERE to […]