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Calle 13 Not Splitting Up

Are the boys of Calle 13 splitting up?? The answer is no. They ARE taking a small break to do separate projects but in no way does that mean they are calling it quits. The supposed end of Calle 13 became a trending topic on Twitter so Residente took to the social media site to […]

Calle 13 Not Separating According to Rene Perez

Is Calle 13 over?? Rene Perez is doing his own solo project so that has many people wondering if this is the end of the duo between Residente and Visitante. Rene says no. He said: “Calle 13 will never separate, because aside from being a great family, it’s a concept that I gave myself completely […]

Calle 13 Suing Over Copied Murdered Mexican Students Shirt

You know that shirt that Rene Perez of Calle 13 wore at the Latin Grammys…the one that read ‘Ayotzinapa Faltan 43′ in reference to the 43 murdered students in Mexico?? Well, someone decided to cash in on it. The shirts have been copied word for word and are being sold strictly for a profit. Calle […]

Calle 13 Invites Families of Slain Students to Speak at Mexico City Concert

We can’t express enough how much we love Calle 13! While most stars are keeping cautiously quiet about the murder of 43 students in Mexico, the Puerto Rican duo is speaking out about it loudly. At their concert in Mexico City, Calle 13 invited members of the families of the victims to join them on […]

Rene Perez of Calle 13 Publicly Joins Mexico’s Fight For Justice

Applause applause applause for Calle 13! Rene ‘Residente’ Perez was the only one with the guts to mention the scandal of the 43 students that is currently sounding hard in Mexico. According to sources, Rene was asked NOT to speak on the subject. No other artist, not even the Mexican ones, made a peep about […]