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Benicio Del Toro Close to Wearing Heels at Cannes

Was Benicio Del Toro close to wearing heels on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival?? Yeah, but it was basically a joke. There was a big hoopla over an alleged ‘high heel’ requirement for ladies at the festival. Apparently, some women were not allowed on the carpet if they wore flats or heels […]

Benicio Del Toro Honored at Havana Film Festival

Benicio Del Toro received the Coral award for his achievements in film at the Havana International Festival of New Latin American Cinema. He was also there to present his latest movie “Escobar, Paraíso Perdido”. Beni said: “For me this is like walking in the clouds. I am here in Cuba, at the festival, presenting my […]

Benicio Del Toro to be Honored at Film Festival in Cuba

Beni to be honored in Cuba. The International Festival of New Latin American Cinema will be held in Havana, Cuba and one special award will be going out to Benicio Del Toro. The event will honor the actor’s work and achievements. In addition, Beni will also present his latest movie “Escobar: Paraiso Perdido” – so […]

Celebs Who Have Played Real Life People

Since everyone is once again talking about the Jenni Rivera biopic, we’ve decided to take a look back at the most memorable performances by actors playing real life people. CLICK HERE to see! Oh, and if we missed one that you know about – then let us know in the comments!

Benicio Del Toro Baptizes Daughter in Puerto Rico

Benicio Del Toro is making sure his daughter is growing up knowing she is part Puerto Rican. This weekend he baptized Delilah on the island alongside his baby mama Kimberly Stewart. Benicio’s brother is the godfather and a British producer is the godmother. A boricua baptism…check. Now, just do what it takes so she speaks […]