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Belinda Says She Has Considered Suicide

Belinda says she has had suicidal thoughts. The Mexican singer was being interviewed on Gustavo Adolfo Infante‘s show, “El Minuto que Cambió mi Destino” and shared that it wasn’t easy growing up – as she was bullied for being a child star. She said “Me molestaban desde niña, que si yo era la de la […]

Belinda is in Love

Belinda is in love…with Cuba. The singer traveled to the island where she had a photo shoot and a great time from the looks of it. She posted several photos and videos where she can be seen enjoying the beautiful country. Cuba is enchanting!

Belinda Denies Earthquake Help Has to do With Politics

Belinda is denying that her helping after the earthquake has anything to do with any political ties. After the natural disaster happened, Beli jumped in to participate and help in anyway she can. She has been one of the most committed celebs in the aftermath of the quake. “Hoy” host Alfredo Gudinni says her participation […]

Belinda Says Truck With Donated Earthquake Goods was Robbed

Belinda has worked tirelessly to help in Mexico since the earthquake hit the city’s capital and surrounding areas. Through her foundations he has gathered food and supplied for the victims and she has personally been on the ground to hand out he goods. Unfortunately, one of the trucks she sent filled with items for the […]

Belinda Getting Hit on by Male Celebs and Burned by Criss Angel

Belinda and Criss Angel are making more headlines after breaking up than while they were together. We’re talking guys jumping at a chance to be Beli’s new fling and Criss burning her BAD! After letting the world know that she is now single, Olympian diver Rommel Pacheco tweeted “Amigos creen que tenga alguna posibilidad ahí? […]