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Belinda Getting Hit on by Male Celebs and Burned by Criss Angel

Belinda and Criss Angel are making more headlines after breaking up than while they were together. We’re talking guys jumping at a chance to be Beli’s new fling and Criss burning her BAD! After letting the world know that she is now single, Olympian diver Rommel Pacheco tweeted “Amigos creen que tenga alguna posibilidad ahí? […]

Belinda Confirms Split From Criss Angel

Belinda has confirmed that she and Criss Angel have broken up. For days now, it has been rumored that they split – but neither spoke out whether it was true or not. Well, Beli has cleared things up with a Facebook post saying “No voy a hablar ni dar más detalles de mi vida privada, […]

Belinda Blasted For Wearing Fur

Belinda has really upset her fans this time…and it’s all about what she wore. She posted this photo on Instagram to promote the bracelets that she has on, but her followers focused on another accessory. They blasted Beli for wearing the fur shawl. The comments in the photo are all attacking her for her choice […]

Belinda Text Messages Could Reveal Break Up With Criss Angel

Are Belinda and Criss Angel over?? A few Mexican publications have shared screenshots of supposed text messages between Beli and a friend in which she confirms that Criss cheated on her. For example, “Pues sí, ya no andamos, después de que pasó que no quiso formalizar por… pues mejor sí. Aparte de que se revolcaba […]

Belinda Swears Sad Tweets Were From Hacker

Belinda was hacked! She says her Twitter account was compromised. The interesting thing is that the supposed fake tweets weren’t too farfetched. Over the weekend, messages from Beli were published in which she said she was going through a hard time and needed to disconnect to find herself. Belinda says she quickly got a hold […]