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Ariadne Diaz Is Engaged

Ariadne Diaz celebrated her birthday in a very special way. Her baby-daddy, Marcus Ornellas, proposed to her during her birthday party and she happily said yes. She shared the video of the proposal with a message saying: Gracias amor por el mejor cumpleaños de mi vida!! De verdad me sorprendiste tantas veces en una sola […]

Ariadne Diaz Taking Time Off to be Full Time Mom

Ariadne Diaz is taking time off. She surprised her fans during her interview on “Hoy” by saying that she won’t be working for a while. The actress said “Terminé proyecto y dije seré fuerte, me resistiré a los proyectos que llegan. Ahora dije no, quiero estar en casa, quiero ser mamá de tiempo completo, un […]

Ariadne Diaz and Boyfriend Play Gets Canceled

Ariadne Diaz and her man, Marcus Ornellas, were to work in the same project…but no more. The two were cast as the leads in “Blancanieves y Su Príncipe” – but it was abruptly canceled. The show was supposed to debut soon and the two were excited to share the stage – and they were so […]

Ariadne Diaz Angry at Uber For Over Charge

Ariadne Diaz is angry that an Uber driver charged her more than what she was supposed to pay…over something she says is a lie. The actress explains that she was charged an additional fee – because the driver claims she got his seats dirty while she was changing her baby’s diaper. Ariadne says she never […]

Ariadne Diaz Has Fun in Bikini Ignoring Hater

Ariadne Diaz isn’t going to let haters keep her down. After being fat shamed on social media, the actress did the opposite of hide. She is enjoying some time in the pool and sun in a bikini and letting the world see! Ariadne says people need to mind their own business and worry about themselves. […]