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Anahi Naming Her Baby Manuel

Anahi has revealed that she is naming her baby…Manuel! She posted a photo on social media of a blue baby outfit with the word Manuel. So technically, he’ll be Manuel Jr since daddy’s name is also Manuel.

Anahi Shares Ultrasound of Baby

Anahi has shared the first pic of her baby…the sonogram! She posted the ultrasound image of her little one but didn’t give any more details. No word yet on what she’s having and since she stayed quiet now, we doubt she’ll be revealing any more any time soon. Let’s see how quick she’ll be to […]

Anahi Shares Bare Baby Belly Pic

By now we have seen several pics of Anahi pregnant…but they have all been fully covered up. The singer posted a pic of her bare baby belly for all to see. She looks beautiful! Pregnancy really suits her.

Anahi is Having a Boy Says Big Sis

Anahi is having a boy…at least that’s what her sister says. Big sis Marichelo spoke with journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante and revealed the sex of Anahi’s baby, saying “Sí, sí es un niño.” We’re not sure if she had permission to say that or not, but it’s done. Marichelo says the entire family is over […]

Anahi Baby Bump a Mystery According to Social Media Timeline

What is going on with Anahi‘s baby bump?? The singer revealed that she’s pregnant on the cover of “Caras” and her fans started applauding the baby to come. However, it’s interesting to point out that five weeks ago she shared this photo you see here on Instagram saying it was a Monday but that she […]