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RBD Reunion Kind of Happened Over Dinner

The gang is back together!! Anahi, Dulce Maria, Maite Perroni, Christian Chavez, and Christopher Uckermann all got together to the surprise of many. The former group known as RBD hung out and dined together. The only one missing was Alfonso Herrera.

Anahi’s Boyfriend Apologizes For Slapping His Assistant

Anahi‘s future husband is saying sorry. Chiapas governor Manuel Velasco slapped one of his assistants in the face and the whole thing was caught on camera – and now he is apologizing publicly. He called it an ‘accidental incident’ – which it clearly was not. Two things we wonder about…would he have apologized if the […]

Anahi Shares First Stages of Wedding Dress

Anahi has shared the first pic of her wedding dress…well, parts of it at least. She posed with a group of women from Chiapas, Mexico that are starting to make the dress by hand. Anahi is working with designer Benito Santos for her big day. Kind of neat that she stuck with local talent.

Ana Gabriel Would Sing at Anahi’s Wedding

Anahi and her politician man Manuel Velasco are soon to get married. They are both friends with Ana Gabriel and went to see her perform in Chiapas, Mexico. Of course, the media asked Ana G if she would sing at the Anahi’s wedding and she said that they haven’t asked her – but that she […]

Anahi Ready to be a Mom

Anahi is SO ready to become a mom – she is now even talking about it. In a chat with “Primero Noticias”, she said: “The maternal instinct in me has awoken. Soon, you’ll see. Of course first comes the wedding, step by step, but it’s all coming.” Looks like she is done with being a […]