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Anahi Abs Are Back a Month and Half Since Giving Birth

Anahi‘s abs are back! The singer became a mom a little over a month ago – and she has apparenrlt been working on getting her waist and core strength back. She took this selfie and let everyone know that it’s been one month two weeks and three days since giving birth. Mommy on a mission.

Anahi Shares First Pic of Son Manuel

Anahi has shared the first pic of baby Manuel! The singer surprised everyone by simply posting the photo on Instagram. Her husband, Manuel Velasco, wasn’t kidding when he revealed that the baby was more ‘güero’ that him! Too cute!!

Anahi Son More Güero Than His Dad

While we all await the official first pic of Anahi‘s son Manuel, her husband, Manuel Velasco, is sharing some details with the press. At a public function, he was asked if his son looks more like mom or dad. He said “salió más güero que yo.” Expect the magazine cover in 3, 2, 1…

Anahi Reappears Days After Giving Birth

Anahi has made her first public appearance since giving birth just a few days ago. The singer and her politician husband, Manuel Velasco, attended an annual battle ceremony in Chiapas, Mexico – a tradition that dates back to 1522. Anahi looked fantastic, especially for just becoming a mother on January 17th. It’s safe to say […]

Julion Alvarez Congratulates Anahi on Baby

Normally, when celebs want to congratulate their celeb friends on something they write a tweet or FB message…not Julion Alvarez. The RegionalMex singer published a video congratulating Anahi and her husband on the arrival of their baby, Manuel. Can you say contender for padrino??! A video posted by Julion Alvarez (@julionalvarez) on Jan 18, 2017 […]