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Anahi Clings on to Boyfriend’s Mom at Event

Anahi attended an event organized by Mexico’s First Lady Angelica Rivera. The singer showed up with a lady in red and she was clinging on to her like a baby to a mom. It turns out that this is her boyfriend’s mother!! So you know she was on her best behavior with her future mother-in-law!

Anahi and Governor Boyfriend Dressed up Charro Style

No, Anahi and her governor boyfriend Manuel Velasco aren’t releasing a mariachi album…yet! They dressed up in full charro wear – showing off their Mexican pride! They attended an annual charrería tournament so it’s nice to see them fully participating! The couple that charros together, stays together??

Anahi and Boyfriend Visit Sick Kids and Prove a Point

Break-up rumors??! What break-up?? Anahi and her boyfriend Manuel Velasco are proving the tabloids wrong by visiting a children’s clinic. The couple shared moments with sick children and their families – and made sure to be seen together and happy.

Anahi Denies Her Governor Boyfriend Cheated on Her

According to “TVNotas”, Anahi and her man, Governor Manuel Velasco, have canceled their wedding. They claim that he cheated on her! HOWEVER, Anahi quickly got to denying this by publishing the following on social media:

Anahi and Chiapas Governor Getting Married Soon

Remember when Anahi used to act? Remember when she used to sing?? Well, now she has let her career slide and is basically just politician arm candy! Anyway, she is happily in love with the governor of Chiapas, Manuel Velasco Coello, and it’s true that they are looking to get married. However, they aren’t sure […]