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Anahi is a Mom

Anahi is now a mother!! She gave birth late Monday night to a healthy baby boy. His name is Manuel – just like his father and grandfather. Anahi is said to be doing great. Welcome to this crazy world, Manuel!

Anahi and Husband Visit Would be Grandpa Cemetery

Anahi and her husband, Chiapas Governor Manuel Velasco, are about to become parents. This maternal and paternal instincts set in for both of them which is why Manuel decided to make a visit to his own father. Unfortunately, his pops died when Manuel was just 7 years old – but the couple stopped by the […]

Anahi Sister Recovering From Face Procedure Gone Wrong

Anahi‘s sister, Marichelo, underwent a procedure on her face and it ended up almost taking her life. The star’s sis decided to get some work done to look better and younger…but days later she ended up with a serious infection. Her eyes were inflamed and she had to be hospitalized. The infection was close to […]

Anahi Reveals Pope Prayed so She Would Get Pregnant

As you know, Anahi is pregnant – and now we know that Pope did his part in helping make that happen. The singer revealed that the religious leader prayed so that she would get the joy of a baby on her life. According to Anahi, Pope Francis said he would pray so that she would […]

Anahi Husband Falls Off Horse

Ouch! Chiapas Governor, and husband of Anahi​, Manuel Velasco suffered a horse accident while doing some fancy footwork. He fell back and slammed to the ground – scaring those in the audience since horse falls can be very dangerous. Fortunately, he just got some scrapes and bruises. Nothing too serious. We think the scare that […]