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Anahi Met Pope Francis

Anahi got face-t0-face with Pope Francis. The singer and her husband, politician Manuel Velasco, traveled to The Vatican and got a few precious moments with the holy leader. Anahi didn’t get much talk time…her man did all the blabbing and personally invited the pope to Chiapas, Mexico. Still, Anahi calls this moment one of the […]

Christian Chavez and Anahi Talk Life Saving Moment

Christian Chavez has revealed that back in 2013 Anahi saved his life. Remember the suicide photos that he posted on Twitter? He claims he lost consciousness after publishing them – Anahi ran to his home and knocked down the door to wake him and slap him in the face. Since he is coming clean about […]

Anahi Misses Family as a Married Woman

Anahi is now happily married…but she admits that there is one facet of it all that makes it difficult. You see, her husband, Manuel Velasco, is a politician in Chiapas – which is where the couple lives. Anahi’s family lives in Mexico City and the singer reveals that it has been difficult to live away […]

Anahi and Wisin Present Rumba Video Without The Right Energy

Anahi and Wisin premiered their video for their collaboration “Rumba” – and we have good and bad news. First the good… The video was nicely produced and directed. Wisin’s part was as expected…that’s a good thing. Also, Anahi looks amazing. Her hair, face, and body are all on point. Now the bad… There is zero […]

Anahi Forces Guests at Civil Wedding to Stay Quiet

Anahi and her husband “Ciro Gómez Leyva Por La Mañana” Manuel Velasco, the governor of Chiapas, said ‘I do’ all over again – this time in a civil ceremony. The couple invited a few people to attend and they were all told to put their cell phones away AND to sign a confidentiality agreement. All […]