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Ana Layevska Pink Baby Shower Points to a Girl

Ana Layevska had her baby shower…and it seems that the baby’s sex was also revealed. The actress and her family and famous friends gathered to celebrate the baby that’s to come – and she posted some images on social media. Her followers noticed the predominant pink decorations and are coming to the conclusion on the […]

Ana Layevska Visits Her Parents Motherland

Ana Layevska is in the motherland…well, her motherland…well, her parents’ motherland. The actress is in Russia visiting the country of her mom and dad. She was born in Ukraine but she has strong ties to Russia so she decided to visit with her husband and show him around town.

Barbie Awards Celebrated in Mexico City

Did you know there was such a thing as the Barbie Awards?? We’re not making it up. Some of Mexico City’s most well-known celebs got together to celebrate these awards – which, of course, included a pink carpet. Although it sounds very superficial, it’s not. The awards honor women who shine in their respective fields […]

Ana Layevska Still in Honeymoon Lovey Dovey Phase

Ana Layevska and her husband Rodrigo Moreira have been married for only a few months and you can tell that the honeymoon phase is still in full effect! At the premiere of the play “¿Quién teme a Virginia Woolf?” Ana and her man were in cute PDA form. They couldn’t stop giving each other kisses […]

Ana Layevska Engaged

Engaged! Ana Layevska has been living a fairytale romance for six months and now it has reached a new level. Her boyfriend proposed…and she accepted! Congrats! PS – CLICK HERE to see her man!