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Alfonso Herrera Receives the MTV Millennial Agente de Cambio Award

Alfonso Herrera received a special award at the MTV Millennial Awards. He got the “Agente de Cambio” recognition for his dedication to calling attention to the global warming and the change in the climate. The former RBD member has used his fame to bring out important social changes and causes. Good for him!!

Alfonso Herrera Hosting a Comedy Science Show on Nat Geo

It’s always interesting to see the different turns careers can take. Alfonso Herrera, who catapulted to international fame with RBD, was taking the acting thing seriously and is now a TV host. He is the face of a Nat Geo program called “La Ciencia de lo Absurdo” – which basically combines science projects and home […]

Alfonso Herrera Shooting El Capo 3

Alfonso Herrera has kept himself pretty busy since his RBD days. Acting in movies is what has taken up most of his time but now he’s getting back to television. He is currently shooting the third season of “El Capo” – he plays a Mexican narc. It’ll be fun to see him in this unexpected […]

Alfonso Herrera Joins La Tempestad

We STILL don’t know which actress is taking the female lead in La Tempestad but there is news of one more actor joining the production. Alfonso ‘Poncho” Herrera is now part of the cast. He had taken a break from novelas to do films but now he’s back! Let’s break it down – William Levy, […]

Alfonso Herrera Gets Contaminated With Purpose

Alfonso Herrera gets all dirty but it’s for an important message. In this just released video, he surfs in contaminated water to let everyone know how bad things can get if we aren’t more environmentally conscious. Point taken, especially with the sludge on his face! CLICK HERE to watch the video.