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Aleks Synktek vs Reggaetoneros Fight Continues

Aleks Synktek has continued his war against reggaeton in what he calls an effort for a healthy childhood. He was at the airport complaining about a song heard while he waited and This time, the reggaetoneros didn’t stay quiet and had made sure he knew how they feel about what he’s been saying. J Balvin […]

Aleks Syntek Received Death Threats After Reggaeton Comments

Aleks Syntek has taken back what he said about reggaeton, sort of, but that doesn’t seem to have cut it for the genre’s fans. In a recent chat with the press he was asked, again, about his recent comments and he didn’t exactly make things better. He said that “There are a lot of fans […]

Aleks Syntek Says He Was Wrong For Hating on Reggaeton

Aleks Syntek is taking a few steps back on his Reggaeton-hating comments. After saying such gems as “Estoy hasta la madre del reggaetóntón” and “Por qué el mismo ritmito todos?” and “Por qué la misma letra?” – he got MAJOR backlash on social media. He was the butt of jokes from people saying he is […]

Aleks Syntek Hates Reggaeton

Aleks Syntek has a thing or two – or seven – to say about Reggaeton. Spoiler…he hates it. In an interview with Adela Micha, he said “Estoy hasta la madre del reggaetóntón. Por qué el mismo ritmito todos? Por qué la misma letra? Por qué las mismas misoginias y vulgaridades? Ya estoy hasta la madre […]

Aleks Syntek Channels 80s Pop Songs From Spain

Aleks Syntek has a new album out with a special theme. He showed up to the press conference on a motorcycle and revealed that his new album, “Transatlantico”, is an homage to a specific genre in music. He made the album as a tribute to the Pop idols of Spain in the 80s. Aleks says […]