Lima was LIVID with Calle 13…and rightfully so!

The concert that was scheduled at 9:45pm didn’t start until 2:45am!! They were FIVE hours late!!

Residente finally walked on stage and explained that they were late because they had just performed in Caracas at a Latin American coalition event.

Furthermore he went on to say:

“I am not Luis Miguel, I am not Shakira. I am not that type of artist that was in his hotel grabbing his balls in a jacuzzi…I have worked three days without sleeping.”

He’s supposed to be friends with Shaki but sorta disses her with his comment.

Anyway, some people weren’t having it and started throwing things at him onstage so Residente decided to call everyone out and told those who wanted to leave to get out.

The concert finally kicked off and lasted two hours.

CLICK HERE to watch Residente’s apology to Lima.

PS – We don’t wait 5 hours for ANYBODY!

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