2d8f474c2-1Belinda is very upset that her fans aren’t liking her new music.

So much that she went on a rant on Twitter saying:

“Wow, I just went into the Univision chat rooms and saw what my own fans think of my music. The ones who said that they support me and would be with me always. You think you can be that hypocritical? I prefer that you be honest and stop being two-faced, and if you think that I don’t know what I’m talking about or don’t like what I’m saying then go support another artist, because I can’t please everyone. I am who I am and if you don’t like me then don’t follow me and take my picture off of your profiles and be honest with yourselves. I prefer to have one fan than millions of hypocrites. So thank you to those that are with me and if you’re not you can just erase me.”


Beli, you may just end up with one fan with an attitude like that!

You have to learn to take criticism, both good and not so good. It helps you grow.

If your fans can’t be honest with you, then that stinks for them too!

Your followers have brains and opinions…you can’t expect them to do as you say and not think for themselves!

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