becky+gBecky G was received some pretty nasty comments on social media after her performance at Premios Juventud.

People criticized her for having a small booty and for the flab that moved around as she danced on stage.

Becky took to social media to respond with a statement about body shaming and understanding other’s struggles.

She said “The fact that even when people open up about their struggles with self-love and acceptance others still have the audacity to body shame is just flat out disgusting to me. Literally makes me sick to my stomach. Shame on anyone who hides behind the screen making women feel like shit about themselves. All bodies should be respected for what they are. Real, fake, small, big. Who the fuck do people think they are these days telling a woman what does and does not make them sexy? Especially other women who body shame other women. I know you can tell me it comes with the territory of what I do but it doesn’t make it any easier. Such an amazing night, a night that made me feel so happy, and this is how it ended. Reading terrible comment about the ass that I don’t have and the flab coming out the sides of my outfit when I dance. It’s called skin also known as being human. Get out of this fantasy world that you live in an grow the fuck up and treat others the way you want to be treated.”

You do you Becky!! We think you look great!!

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