barbara+moriBarbara Mori came under fire after posting this pic of her son, Sergio Mayer Mori, on social media and captioning it “My Baby”.

People flooded the comments section with the same underlying message. That her son is 18 years old and got a girl pregnant…but isn’t being a man about and making himself responsible because his parents baby him.

Remember, baby mama Natalia Subtil says that Sergio Jr hasn’t talked to her during the pregnancy, despite his promise that he will be there for the kid. Let’s see when it’s born.

Still, Barbara responded to the harsh criticism with the words “Perdónalos Señor, no saben lo que hacen. Somos responsables de lo que somos, no de lo que dicen que somos. Deseo el encuentro entre los unos y los otros, la conciencia del no infortunio. Deseo que el amor los encuentre de la forma más bella posible.”

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