So what really happened with Prince Royce at Premios Billboard?

Supposedly, Royce was backstage because he wasn’t given a seat in the section with the nominated artists and while they were figuring out what to do he was announced as the winner of a Billboard award.

He tried to get on stage but security did not let him pass as they were under strict orders to not let anyone go by and that’s when he decided to leave upset at what had just happened.

We’re also being told that the artist was backstage because they were getting ready for him to present with Gaby Espino…and the timing was off because that’s when he was announced a winner.

Because of the confusion and the stress of live TV, they quickly went to the next award in the show and the production team offered him a minute to give his speech in the next segment as he presented with Gaby.

Royce’s team was apparently not happy with the treatment and decided to leave before the show ended.

Yikes! Live television does cause a lot of miscommunication (we seriously doubt it was anything personal) but hopefully Telemundo and Prince Royce’s team can talk it out and put it all behind them.

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