Can’t we all just get along?

Mariana Seoane was supposed to join the play Perfume de Gardenia but she’s saying that Aracely Arambula prevented that from happening by saying that if Mariana was in, she was out!

Mariana told Hoy:

“I was very happy rehearsing for the play until I was notified that Aracely said that if I joined she would quit, so for obvious reasons I am not in the play anymore. Here I am giving my version of the story. I know I am saying the truth, and the public deserves respect. I am nobody’s toy. I don’t understand what her motives are, just like all of you. I was going to do something that had nothing to do with her character, I am just as surprised as everyone. I have never had a problem with her or at least didn’t know of one.”

Of course, Aracely was asked what and why in regards to all of this and she denied the whole thing! She responded:

“I don’t know about any of this. I am very surprised because I know Mariana for a long time now, we studied together at the CEA (Center of Artistic Education) and now to work with her, she’s welcome here. I would never take a job from anyone, I love this play, I have had great satisfaction with this work. Many actors have participated, and if she was rehearsing, then that’s good. But believe me, it’s totally false. Welcome Mariana if she is doing it.”

Both sound very convincing!!

So, LatinGossipers, what do you think? Who is telling the truth here??

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