epnAnother scandal for Angelica Rivera.

“The Guardian” has uncovered that Mexico’s first lady is using a luxury property in Florida bought by a company that is expected to bid for lucrative government contracts.

She is using the $2.05m apartment in Miami with the apparent blessing of Grupo Pierdant, which is a contender to run Mexico’s ports.

The company has also paid the property tax on an additional Key Biscayne apartment bought by a holding company set up by Rivera.

Get this, her apartment is unit 304 and Grupo Pierdant’s unit is 404. She is using them as one big luxury condo.

Jorge Ramos says the most unfortunate thing is that President Enrique Peña Nieto and Angelica didn’t learn a thing from the ‘Casa Blanca’ scandal – in which she was paying for a 7 million dollar mansion owned by another company with a conflict of interest.

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