angelica+mariaAngelica Maria says a series about her life won’t be made due to lack of scandals.

The actress would love a biopic based on her experiences, but she realizes that it won’t be made because the networks want juicy stories and controversies, which she has avoided her whole life.

She told Notimex “Es difícil que las empresas se interesen en hacerla porque yo no fui una mujer de escándalos; sin embargo, mi vida ha sido muy difícil y llena de cosas terribles. Mi vida ha sido una lucha constante, y de momentos complicados al lado de mi madre y de mi hija, cuando las tres luchamos para salir adelante, pero eso no es interesante para las televisoras”.

Angelica says even when she had cancer she didn’t make it a big deal, so she doesn’t expect a plt to be written about her.

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