anahicalle13Residente VS Anahi??!

Calle 13‘s Residente is never one to keep quiet and he is a big opponent of payola, the practice of paying to have your music play on the radio.

Going along with that theme, he was surprised to learn that Anahi has over a million followers on Twitter and that Jon Secada has close to nine hundred thousand. Residente wrote the following on the social site:

“Could it be that artists also buy followers on Twitter? Suspicious about Anahi and Jon Secada. Hehehe.”

Well, Anahi responded in a very mature (but very boring) way. She wrote:

“I admire and respect you. I didn’t buy them, it’s something that took me by surprise as well. Can’t wait for your new album! Saludos.”

That wasn’t the end of it. After seeing the pop singer’s response, Residente wrote:

“We need more honesty in music. We need artists that respond honestly instead of responding like Miss Universe.”

This is one celeb feud nobody could have predicted.

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