sergioAlejandro Fernandez blamed a cheap tequila for his running off stage to throw up a few days ago – and some people think Sergio Mayer is responsible.

There is video that shows El Potrillo saying hello to some people in the front row and then receiving a shot of tequila. The Internet is pointing out that the man handing him the drink is Sergio.

Well, he spoke with “Ventaneando” to defend himself because he doesn’t want to come off as the guy who made Alejandro vomit and worse…the guy with cheap tequila! He said:

“Estar cantando con hipo, aparte echarle tequila, por eso sucedió lo del vómito. Yo no se lo dí. Fue una persona que estaba sentada al lado mío. Yo solamente lo saludé, y el tequila es un gran tequila… Yo no traía esa camisa, ni el reloj que se ve en las imágenes.”

How is this suddenly more embarrassing for Sergio than for Alejandro???

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