alejandraAlejandra Espinoza is now taking skinny-shaming sitting down.

The TV host posted this photo and her followers blasted her for being too thin – something she responded to a couple of times with her own words.

Someone wrote ¿y ese hueso?” and she sarcastically clapped back with “lo saqué a pasear”.

There were plenty of more comments talking about her weight, or lack thereof, so she responded again.

Another fan wrote “Ya te pasaste de flaca. Te miras demasiado huesuda. Deberías comer poco más. Se te está yendo la mano” to which she said “Qué mano ni qué ocho cuartos… no te conozco, ni siquiera te imagino porque no pones tú foto, pero te aseguro que estoy más saludable y más fuerte que tú”.

Alejandra has had it!

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