fonsi.jpgWe are so saddened by this news…

Luis Fonsi and Adamari Lopez have announced that they are going through a difficult time in their marriage and have decided to separate.

They officially stated:

“Luego de ponderarlo detenidamente, se ha tomado la decisión de separarnos. Es una situación que venimos trabajando hace algún tiempo y que entendemos en este momento es lo mejor. Al igual que desde el primer día en que nos conocimos, todo ha sido en paz y buscando el bienestar de ambos y de nuestras familias. Por más que entendemos nuestras carreras, no deja de ser difícil, no deja de ser fuerte que casi no nos podamos ver.”

They are one of our favorite celebrity couples and it always made us smile seeing them together.

Like everyone, we thought they were perfect for each other.

Of course, the speculation as to why they split is the hot topic. A few days ago, Don Omar unabashedly insinuated that Fonsi and Lilia Luciano were hooking up but that’s not the only infidelity rumor to arise.

Luis was also linked to model Kenita Larrain, but it was never confirmed.

We sincerely hope they can work it out and get back to loving each other.

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