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Susana Gonzalez Says She Will Not Be Disrespected by Niurka Marcos

Susana Gonzalez is not going to let Niurka Marcos disrespect her…especially on stage. Niurka had said the she is the best Aventurera and that Susana is nowhere near as good. Both actresses are taking over the roles, taking turns, and sharing the stage. Of Niurka’s words, Susana said “Elena Tejero la voy a interpretar yo, […]

Cristina Eustace Dealing With Roommate From Hell

Cristina Eustace has been in the news thanks to Esteban Loaiza‘s arrest and now because of a roommate. She tells the story like this…”Hoy gracias a Dios un paso importante se dió para recuperar mi casa…El Juez ordenó a Luka (Luis Rodriguez )dejar mi casa este 21 de febrero…Lo que el trató de hacer hablando […]

J Balvin Opens Up About Depression and Medication Use

J Balvin has been open about his internal battles and this time he provides some more details in hopes that it will help others. The Colombian superstar talked to show “Lo Sé Todo” and discussed his depression and medication use. He said “Las depresiones son algo que hay que dejar de ver como si fuera […]

Marjorie De Sousa Proves She Has Hardly Touched Julian Gil Child Support

Marjorie de Sousa wants to make it a point…she is NOT using the child support she gets from Julian Gil for her own benefit. The actress is sick and tired of being accused of using the funds for baby Matias for her personal gain. In fact, she proved it by showing that she has only […]

Cristina Eustace Hopes Esteban Loaiza Arrest Just a Misunderstanding

Cristina Eustace has released a statement about Esteban Loaiza. As you know, he is the father of their child – so people wants to know what she thinks about his arrest on charges possession and transportation for sale of more than 22 pounds of cocaine. Cristina says: “Por respeto y seguridad a mi hijo, te […]