September Latin Gossip Archives

The Real Meaning Behind Asereje by Las Ketchup

We’ve all heard of “Asereje” by Las Ketchup…but few of us know what the lyrics mean – until now. It’s long been said that the song has some satanic undertone with the gibberish words that have no real meaning, but the composer of the hit has finally revealed what’s up. Manuel Ruiz spoke with Spanish […]

Luis Fonsi Postpones Mexico City Concerts

Luis Fonsi has postponed his concerts in Mexico for now. He has decided to put off his October and November shows in Mexico due to the earthquake that devastated the city’s capital. Fonsi said “En unos meses volveré a compartir con todos ustedes, mientras tanto, cuentan con mi apoyo, no están solos.” The singer plans […]

Luis Fonsi Shows Before and After of Despacito Location in Puerto Rico

Luis Fonsi is showing the devastation in Puerto Rico with a familiar part of the island. PR was hit hard back-to-back by Hurricanes Irma and Maria and Fonsi has been at the forefront of trying to help his people the most he can. He posted this before and after image of the coastal location in […]

Pepe Aguilar Donating All Mexico City Concert Proceeds to Earthquake Relief

Pepe Aguilar‘s concert will benefit earthquake relief. At first, he was going to postpone his September 29th show in Arena Ciudad de Mexico – but then he figured he could help people with his performance. He is going to donate all proceeds to Fundacion Carlos Slim – and for each peso they donate the foundation […]

Fernanda Castillo Touching Message to Dead Relatives From Earthquake

Fernanda Castillo‘s cousin and her cousin’s husband died in the earthquake that hit Mexico on September 19th – and she is now saying goodbye to them publicly. The actress at first asked anyone if they knew the whereabouts of her relatives…and a short time later another family member confirmed that both that passed away. Fernanda […]