March Latin Gossip Archives

Alejandro Fernandez Accused of Animal Abuse

Alejandro Fernandez is being accused of animal abuse. The disturbing rumor is that he keeps his puppies until they grow to a certain age and simply gets rid of them. The president of an animal organization in Mexico claims that El Potrillo discards his dogs once they grow. Alejandro still has not made any statement […]

Sherlyn Interviewed by Her Boyfriend

Sherlyn was interviewed by her boyfriend Francisco Zea and the conversation might make you ill because it’s so lovey dovey. The motive of the chat was because she is promoting two theater shows she is currently in. She’s been doing promo all over…and it was her bf’s turn for the interview. She said “Es raro […]

Historical Mexican Cemetery Used as Setting For Porno Movie

Porno and cemeteries don’t really mix…yet here we are. The Panteon de Mezquitan, located in Guadalajara, Mexico, is the setting of a XXX movie that is being promoted online. Porno actress Janeth Rubio had her followers guess where she was and shared that she shot a pornographic video in the historical cemetery. The mayor of […]

Sebastian Zurita Not Cast For Luis Miguel Says Show Producer

Not so fast. Sebastian Zurita says he was approached about possibly playing Luis Miguel in the series about the singer’s life – the producer tells a different story. He says Sebastian has not been cast because it is still way too early to even think about who will take the role of Luismi. Sebastian was […]

Vadhir Derbez Says His Friends Did Not Rob His Dad

Vadhir Derbez explains a robbery that happened at his dad’s house. Eugenio Derbez‘s Mexico City home was broken in to but Vadhir is surprised that this is just making headlines because it happened last year. He explains that the thieves only took a car and, despite reports that his own friends were guilty, he explains […]