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J Balvin and Nicky Jam Chop of Jowell’s Dreads

J Balvin​ and Nicky Jam​ cut Jowell‘s (of Jowell y Randy)​ hair!! He has been sporting a few threads of long dreads for years and his music buddies have been teasing him lately about it. They took a pair of scissors and chopped it off! The cut and the celebration were all captured on video!

Adrian Uribe Life Threatened Moments After Being Robbed

Adrian Uribe‘s life was threatened on social media moments after being robbed at gunpoint. The actor was dining at a Mexico City restaurant when armed men barged in to steal everyone’s valuables. Shortly after the scary incident, Adrian tweeted “Es una pena la inseguridad en la #CDMX. Acabamos de ser asaltados dentro del restaurante “Punta […]

Adrian Uribe Robbed at Gunpoint in Restaurant

Adrian Uribe was robbed at gunpoint in a Mexico City restaurant. He was dining at Punta Arena with friends when armed men stormed in and demanded that everyone hand over their valuables. Adrian gave the his watch, valued at 10,000 dollars, and his friend also handed over his own 7,500 dollar watch. Fortunately, nobody was […]

Gloria Estefan First Words Since Fidel Castro Death

Many stars have reacted to Fidel Castro‘s death…but we’ve all been waiting to see what Gloria Estefan had to say. She is one of the most famous Cuban exports and has been a voice for her country and the exiled community for decades. Here’s what she said: “Although the death of a human being is […]

Renato Lopez Murder Believed to be Targeted

There is still a big mystery looming over Renato Lopez‘s death. The host/actor and his publicist were found shot dead in a car just outside of Mexico City. Investigators believe that this was not a random robbery gone wrong. They believe this was an intentional and specific murder. Officials are being careful not to link […]