July Latin Gossip Archives

Belinda Cancels Performance to Avoid Seeing Maluma

Belinda can’t stand the sight of Maluma…that’s the latest rumor to come out of Mexico. She was supposed to perform at the semi-finals of “La Voz Mexico” but canceled at the last minute. Apparently, Beli found out that Maluma would also be performing on the show and she pulled the plug. It’s being said that […]

Lorenzo Mendez Believes Everyone Should Buy Guns

Lorenzo Mendez of La Original Banda El Limon thinks he has a way to alleviate the tension between police officers and civilians…making sure everyone has a gun. He tweeted: “EVERYBODY BUY YOURSELF GUNS! If the police can do what they been doing, imagine what the MILITARY CAN DO…. #SecondAmendment RT” With so much violence happening […]

Platanito Sues Marcos Valdes For Sexual Harrasment

Platanito has gotten serious. The famous clown accuses Marcos Valdes, El Loco Valdes‘ son, of sexually harassing him via text. The actor send Platanito pictures of his ass fully exposed – and now has sued. He says it’s in the hands of the authorities now and hopes that Marcos gets sent to a psychiatric center […]

Barbara Mori Attacked by Four Dogs

Ouchhh! This right here is Barbara Mori‘s leg and, as you can see, she’s injured. It turns out that she was attacked by four dogs. She says it wasn’t major and just a scare…but that wound says otherwise. It’s one thing to be bitten by one dog…but FOUR?!

Alan Ramirez of Banda MS Talks About Being Shot

Alan Ramirez of Banda MS almost died as he was shot in Mexico City. The singer of the hottest banda in Mexico right now finally shares his version of what happened that night. CHECK OUT what he had to say.