August Latin Gossip Archives

Paulina Rubio’s Boyfriend Has Choice Words For Colate

Speaking out for his girl!! Paulina Rubio‘s boyfriend, Gerardo Bazua, has had enough of seeing the singer dish out 10,000 dollars every month to her ex Colate. He said: “Te puedo decir que no se vale, porque cada quien tiene su vida y por qué tiene que declararle tanto ella a este tipo.” Then he […]

Diego Luna and Suki Waterhouse May Be Hooking Up

Are they or are they not?? “Hola” has spilled the news that Diego Luna and model Suki Waterhouse may be a thing. The two were spotted together late at night strolling the streets of London. Romantic walk or just a nice moment between friends?? This is not the first time they have been seen together […]

Rafael Nadal Takes It Off For Tommy Hilfiger in Steamy TV Ad

Hot damn! We showed you the first image to come out of the Rafael Nadal and Tommy Hilfiger collaboration. The Spanish tennis star is modeling the designer’s underwear…and now there is this second image of his backside AND a television spot that has many dropping their jaws. CLICK HERE to see the steamy spot!

Larry Hernandez Ups Sons Birthday by Over a Month

This is cute. Larry Hernandez‘s son, Sebastian, celebrates his birthday on October 4th…but Larry already gave him his bday gift! The singer got him a present that we believe HE couldn’t wait to give, which is why the cumpleaños celebration happened over a month before it was supposed to! Larry even got the moment on […]

Aislinn Derbez Cuts Hair Tomboy Style For New Movie

Goodbye glam! Aislinn Derbez cut her hair very very short for a new movie she is shooting. It’s called “Que Pena Tu Vida” and she plays a tomboy called Andrea. Congrats to her on the role, but we hate that haircut!