September Latin Gossip Archives

Amelia Vega Pregnant

Amelia Vega is pregnant! The former Miss Universe surprised everyone by publishing the photo you see here – she is holding her baby belly and blowing a bubble with her husband and it was captioned ‘Expecting to Pop’. Amelia also shared the news that it’s a boy! Congrats!!

Marco Antonio Solis Sings With Three Daughters in Los Angeles

Marco Antonio Solis has a special surprise at his concert in Los Angeles. He welcomed his three daughters on stage – something he had done for the first time in May in Anaheim – and that included Beatriz Adriana, the daughter of the singer Beatriz Adriana whom Marco Antonio was distanced from for many years, […]

Aislinn Derbez Dons Calvin Klein Jeans For Mexico Campaign

Aislinn Derbez for Calvin Klein jeans. The clothing brand kicked off its first campaign in Mexico and Aislinn is their first celeb model. She dons the jeans in classic CK feel reminiscent of old school ads for the company. The Derbez family is EVERYWHERE!

Don Omar Trial Pushed Back Because Ex-Girlfriend Didn’t Show

Don Omar put on his best suit and showed up to court Monday morning as part of the hearing for the six charges he is currently facing. However, the trial was pushed back to October 14th because his ex-girlfriend didn’t show up in court. The excuse given is that she is sick – but, remember, […]

Pitbull Gets Real With Miami’s Ocean Drive Magazine

Pitbull is on the October cover of “Ocean Drive” magazine and he is looking like a total Miami stud with that suit! In his candid cover story, Pit provides a rare glimpse into his life as a father of six, growing up in some of the roughest neighborhoods of Miami, ‘beating the system’ by receiving […]