July Latin Gossip Archives

Ricky Martin, Yuri, Julion Alvarez, Laura Pausini Together For First Time

Here they are together for the first time! Ricky Martin, Yuri, Julion Alvarez, and Laura Pausini! The four new coaches of “La Voz Mexico”! What an interesting combination of artists! Ugh, why don’t they show this program in the US??!

Gaby Espino and Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco Host Studio Movie Plus

Gaby Espino and Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco are hosting a show together. The Venezuelan actress and the Mexican actor are in charge of the show “Studio Movie Plus”. The Latin American network Studio Universal is launching the program to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the movies that they show. The facts, the secrets, and testimonies […]

Juan Magan Commands Sea of 23,000 People at Barcelona Beach Festival

Look at that sea of people! Juan Magan is an artist and a producer…but he’s also one of the top international DJs. The Spanish DJ had the crowd going wild during the first ever Barcelona Beach Festival in which he performed in front of over 23 thousand in the audience! He shared the stage with […]

Kate Del Castillo Classifies Kuno Becker as a Friend

So what IS going on between Kate Del Castillo and Kuno Becker?? According to him, they are an item – but she is telling a different story. When asked about their supposed romance, she said: “I am in love with Kuno’s talent. We make a good-looking couple, right? Kuno and I are very good friend […]

Capitan Guarniz Dead of a Heart Attack

Paris Fernandez, better known as Capitan Guarniz, has died. He was found lifeless in a hotel in Monterrey, Mexico and the preliminary reports indicate that he passed away of a heart attack. Capitan Guarniz was a longtime fixture on Mexican television having worked on many shows and networks. His longtime collaborator, Brozo, published the following […]