April Latin Gossip Archives

Premios Billboard 2011: Pitbull

Pitbull can do no wrong in our eyes! Seriously, as far as fashion goes he knows what he likes and what looks good on him! What a stud!

Premios Billboard 2011: Jorge Bernal

Forget trying to look sexy…it’s all about having fun! Fun is sexy! Jorge Bernal must have been exhausted after doing interview after interview all week long leading up to Premios Billboard, but he didn’t show it all! He was able to pull energy from who knows where to jump on the red carpet and create […]

Premios Billboard 2011: Karla Monroig

We loved Karla Monroig‘s choices on the red carpet at los Premios Billboard. The dress was fun and stylish but not outlandish. The hair was carefree with some fun touches because what we can’t see in the pics is that she had some cute feathers in there as well.

Premios Billboard 2011: Natalia Jimenez

Natalia Jimenez always takes risk and we totally appreciate that. This time it didn’t quite work. The dress was actually nice…but the pink bows have got to go! On the head, on the waist, and on the feet? No!

Premios Billboard 2011: Catherine Siachoque

Wonderful wonderful! Catherine Siachoque combined an orange dress with green-toned jewelry resulting in a stunning look! Love it!