July Latin Gossip Archives

Gustavo Cerati Breathing On His Own

Great news!! Gustavo Cerati‘s niece tells the press the he is now breathing on his own with only small assistance from an artificial respirator!! It’s been three months since he suffered an ischemic vascular stroke and he’s been fighting ever since. Fuerza Cerati!

Alejandro Sanz Wants Peace For Venezuela & Colombia

Yet another reason to love Alejandro Sanz. There is major and serious tension brewing between Colombia and Venezuela yet again and, unfortunately, it comes straight from one of the leaders and not beef between the people. Instead of doing nothing, Alejandro has gotten in touch with Juanes and they are figuring out what they can […]

Calle 13′s Calma Pueblo Vid Not Suitable For Under 18

Calle 13 is not holding back at all! Their new video, Calma Pueblo, is certainly giving their lovers and haters plenty to talk about! Residente and Visitante dressed as nuns, corporate career mocking, and full-frontal nudity by both males and females! We hear they leaked the video before their team had cleared copies to distribute…probably […]

Belinda Gets To Kill William Levy

We’ve got more details on Belinda‘s role in Mujeres Asesinas. The big news is she gets to kill William Levy! Apparently, he plays a rapist and Beli puts an end to that! Another episode we don’t want to miss!

Penelope Cruz & Johnny Depp on Set of Pirates

Here is the first look at Penelope Cruz and Johnny Depp in the fourth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean. Are they drinking straight out of the bottle? Careless and loving it. For sure these two are going to have some sexy chemistry on screen.