November Latin Gossip Archives

Eduardo Yañez Is a Wanted Man

Eduardo Yañez is a wanted man! He still has not paid what was agreed in the divorce settlement, so an LA judge has placed an order of arrest in the US! We told you, Eddie…just pay up!

David Bisbal’s Baby Already Listens His Music

David Bisbal is so excited to become a daddy. His pregnant girlfriend, Elena Tablada, went to his concert in Madrid so the singer shared a special message with his fans. Talking about his soon-to-be-born baby, he said: “at six months, they begin to listen, which means that she is listening to me for the first […]

Thalia May Return To Telenovelas in 2010

Thalia showed up on El Show De Cristina looking as beautiful as ever. She talks about her life and family…but one thing that caught our ear was the fact that Thalis said that 2010 may be the year that she returns to the telenovelas! Can you imagine Thalia in a new novela??! Interesting move! We […]

Anahi Signing Event Gets Out Early

The LatinGossip Texas Team went to Anahi‘s autograph event in celebration of her new album. She signed many CDs but the turnout was probably not what they expected for her. It was scheduled from 4 to 7…she showed up a little after 4 and finished by 6. Anyway, sales don’t mean everything…right, Anahi? Still, we […]

Christian Chavez’s Ex Still Working With Anahi

Well, well, well…look who we have here… The LatinGossip Texas Team went to Anahi‘s album signing event and saw BJ Murphy, Christian Chavez‘s ex. It turns out that he is still Anahi’s hairstylist and travels with her all over. She is obviously really faithful to her peeps!