July Latin Gossip Archives

Penelope Cruz Improvises Premiere Outfit

Penelope Cruz had a little mishap right before the London Premiere of the film Los Abrazos Rotos. You see, her luggage went missing on her flight from Madrid so she only had what was in her carry-on. Luckily, she had this red Bottega Veneta outfit and paired it with her shoes, and voila! Not bad […]

Manny Ramirez & David Ortiz Also Accused of PEDs

What is going on with our Latino baseball heroes?? They are all testing positive for using performance-enhancing drugs! Alex Rodriguez, check. Sammy Sosa, check. The latest are David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez. They both tested positive back in 2003 according to a report by The New York Times. Such a shame especially after having been […]

Shakira’s Video for She-Wolf

Click above to view video. It’s here! The video for Shakira‘s She-Wolf! She brings on the sexy, the slutty, the sultry…and we love it! How does she get her body to do those movements? CLICK HERE to watch.

Did Christian Meier Propose to Genesis Rodriguez?

The press in Peru is going bonkers over rumors that Christian Meier proposed to Genesis Rodriguez on Wednesday night. We know that Christian, Genesis, and her father, El Puma, went out to dinner together and that’s when Christian supposedly asked her dad for her hand in marriage. Sometimes tradition tops everything else! We kind of […]

Padre Alberto on the Cover of People En Español

People En Español has published photos of Padre Alberto and his wife on their cover. The former catholic priest says that he always imagined that he’d get married. You only live life once…you have to do what your heart desires. No regrets. PS – Raise your hand if you are sick and tired of this […]