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Alfonso Herrera Also Starring in Camaleones

Guess who will play opposite Belinda in the novela Camaleones? Alfonso Herrera! Cute coupling!

Vive Mexico Gets Help From Celebrity Friends

Mexico is not doing too hot in respects to tourism as a result of the swine flu scare. Now that we know that things are under control and that the media might have overreacted with the situation, it’s time to try and get back to normal. That, hopefully, includes the tourism in Mexico. Many famosos […]

Michelles Salas to Celebrate Father’s Day With Luismi

Michelle Salas‘ grandmother, Silvia Pasquel, told Agencia México that he granddaughter will celebrate Father’s Day with Luis Miguel in Miami. That makes us happy, because we know she has had many Father’s Day without her dad. He still hasn’t publicly announced that he is her father, though.

Padre Alberto Engaged

They’re making it official! Bishop Leo Frade revealed that Padre Alberto is engaged to girlfriend Ruhamma Canellis!

Padre Alberto Cutie Joins the Episcopal Church

Bishop Leo Frade announced today that Father Alberto Cutie, a priest in the Roman Catholic Church, has become a member of the Episcopal Church and will pursue the priesthood. Padre Alberto was received into the church on Thursday at Trinity Cathedral, the cathedral of the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida. Will his followers go with […]