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Obama and McCain on Sabado Gigante

Expect to see Barack Obama and John McCain reaching out to the Latino audience on Sabado Gigante this Saturday! They’re after us!

Daddy Yankee Robbed in Argentina

Daddy Yankee was robbed ya’ll! While he was in Argentina, thieves made their way into his hotel room and took Daddy’s passport from the safe. The crooks were even able to get away with a laptop and cash. Authorities believe that a hotel employee is responsible for this because they had access to the room […]

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RBD’s Christian Chavez Sex Tape Info

Celebrity porn videos are nothing new, but every time a new one pops up it’s like a feeding frenzy and everyone wants a bite. This time, the sex tape rumor involves RBD‘s Christian Chavez. We heard that there is an X-rated video of Christian floating around the Internet, but the RBD-er has announced that it […]

Jose Jose Blames Voice Loss on Anel

Jose Jose has revealed in a new autobiography that his ex wife, Anel, used to poison him! He believes that she used magic potions on him so that he would lose his voice. Bruja! So, wait. He doesn’t think his hard drinking and drug use had anything to do with it???