May Latin Gossip Archives

Paulina on AIDS

Just like we told you, Paulina Rubio was honored as the first Mexican Ambassador of The Latino Commission on AIDS and this is what she had to say: “I am here to support, to educate the new generations, to say that we need sex education. I worry about the youth, because this disease doesn’t just […]

Paty Christmas On Her Day Off

Novela actress Paty Navidad has really toned down her look. We forget that she is entitled to dress ‘normal’ on her days off. It is really shocking to see her like this. She looks cute though. We’re so used to seeing her like the image after the jump.

Tatiana Ready To Be Juanes’s Rebound Chick

Oh snap! Oh snap! We are hearing tons of rumors about Juanes. It seems that his old girlfriend, model Tatiana De Los Rios, wants to take advantage of the breakup of the year. Reports are coming in claiming that sparks between Tatiana and Juanes could be reigniting, which really surprises us…why? Because…. Juanes supposedly wrote […]

Did Sofia Get The Cold Shoulder?

Everything seemed to be going so well while Sofia Vergara walked with her rumored boyfriend, but then during lunch he totally ignored her…leaving her nothing to do but sulk. You don’t treat Sofia like that! [Images: The Grosby Group. Unauthorized use of these images is strictly prohibited.]

Ninel Doesn’t Want To Talk About Certain Things

Ninel Conde was recently asked about the 150,000 dollars she owes in taxes and refuses to pay and her eloquent answer was… “Do you want me to sing you a song? Want me to dance? Want me to act?” Way to ignore the question Ninel.