yuriThe driver that was at the wheel of the bus that struck and killed Yuri‘s brother has been released.

Even though the investigation is still on, it seems that he is not at guilt for the tragedy.

According to witnesses and video from the deadly incident, Yuri’s brother was crossing the street when he shouldn’t have been – weaving in and out of vehicles and then tried to beat the bus during a green light.

Yuri already said she doesn’t plan on suing, but this evidence should help the driver in case she changes her mind.


El chofer que mató al hermano de Yuri ha sido liberado.

Aunque siguen investigando el incidente, parece que el chofer no tuvo la culpa.

Según testigos y video de la tragedia, el hermano de Yuri pasó entre algunos vehículos e intentó ganarle el paso al Metrobús, lo cual tenía la luz del semáforo en verde.

Yuri ya dijo que no demandaría por los hechos, pero estas pruebas estan a favor del chofer por si acaso cambia de opinión.

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