vicente+fernandezVicente Fernandez on stage for the last time. He performed his final show, part of his farewell from singing in concerts.

The legend thanked the audience and fans continuously throughout the four-hour spectacle – joking with the audience about his drinking alcohol on stage and tell them that if they applauded he would continue singing…and if they screamed, that he would sing even more.

At one point, Don Chente’s pants were falling off and he laughed it off telling the audience that he made them bigger this past year while he was dealing with illnesses and that now they are big on him.

Alejandro Fernandez joined him on stage at one point – giving him a small break so he could change and rest for a minute.

Don Vicente was visibly touched and moved and the crowd didn’t want the show to end. Alas the moment came for him to sing the last tune and say goodbye to his loyal admirers.

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