veronicacastroVeronica Castro and the producer of a show are battling out!

The iconic actress has been acting in a play called “Aplauso” for the last few months. She was told by producer Fela Fabregas that they would keep on putting on the theatre production until December.

However, Fela told Veronica this week that the show would be done for a while – until they were able to get a new stage to put it on.

In a radio interview with Javier Poza, Veronica said Fela treated her real bad in the end and that she was upset for the cast and crew who financially depend on the show – so she asked Fela to keep it alive.

On her part, Fela says she never signed a contract with Veronica promising the show would continue until December. She also said she plans on taking the show to another stage in several months with or without Veronica.

Fela also mentioned that she always wanted to do more than one performance per night, but decided against that so that Veronica wouldn’t get so tired.

The drama off stage is a show in itself!!

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