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Famosos Sign Guitars For The Kids

Rakim, Ken-Y, Don Omar, and Lupillo Rivera took a moment from their respective busy schedules to sign three guitars that will be auctioned very soon. Proceeds from the auction will benefit music programs for children across the country. That’s real great that they did this and all, but we have to ask…why did Lupillo wear […]

Latin Billboards : Lupillo Rivera

Lupillo Rivera‘s body is looking more and more like Spongebob’s every time we see him. We like the suit (and even the offbeat shoes), but someone PLEASE teach him how to pose on the red green carpet. [Image: The Grosby Group. Unauthorized use of this image is strictly prohibited.]

Alejandro VS Lupillo…It’s On!

Alejandro Fernandez responded to Lupillo Rivera‘s claims that Ale is gay. Alejandro said: “I think that of Lupillo I have known about two or three things and they have been as a result of scandals…I believe that he questioned my sexuality, which I have very clear, he is the one that doesn’t have it very […]

Lupillo Potato Head

Was UGLY the dress code at the party for Angelica Maria? Lupillo Rivera, who normally looks sharp and well put together, looked more like Mr. Potato Head instead. How uncomfortable does he look? He needs tips on how to pose on the red carpet. Let’s help him out here friends…what should he do to look […]

Jenni Doesn’t Like To Be Ignored

Jenni Rivera was singing on stage the other day, when she noticed that all of the cameras were on her brother Lupillo Rivera, who was sitting in the audience. Jenni is no dummy, so she asked Lupillo to come on stage and sing with her. He agreed and the spotlight was once again back on […]