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Lupillo Makes It Up To His Wife

Lupillo Rivera and his wife Mayeli go shopping in Los Angeles. After getting a beating by Lupillo’s ex (hence the bandage on her hand), Mayeli deserves to be spoiled a bit. Homegirl is no fool – those are Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior bags! We’ll take a beating for a few of those items! [Images: […]

Lupillo’s Ex Beats Up Current Wife

This is so bad it’s good! Lupillo Rivera‘s current wife, Mayeli Alonso, was dropping off his two daughters at the home of Maria Gorola, Lupillo’s ex-wife. An argument took place between Mayeli and Maria, so Maria allegedly hit Mayeli on the head several times – she was later arrested for the beat down. Scandalous! The […]

Jenni Rivera Being Threatened

After several scary weeks involving incidents with Valentin, Lupillo, and Javier, Jenni Rivera is saying that she has been receiving threatening calls for two weeks. She spoke with the band Los Rieleros and they shared that they too are receiving threatening calls, perhaps from the same person or group. What is going on? Is someone […]

Nothing Stops Lupillo

It’s been only a few days since he was shot at, but Lupillo Rivera shows no sign of weakness because he has decided not to cancel any upcoming concerts. Lupillo believes that the show must go on and we love him for that! Take care Lupillo.

Pictures of Lupillo Rivera’s SUV

This is the SUV that Lupillo Rivera was traveling in when he was shot at. Again, nobody was injured during the shootout. Those shots are clearly directed at the passenger of the vehicle – our detective skills say this was no accident.