jeni.jpgJenni Rivera apologized to Graciela Beltran on El Gordo y La Flaca after Graciela accused her and her family of ripping her off from royalties due, a claim they deny.

Jenni obviously wants to put an end to this and offered her apology but in a very backhanded way. She said:

“I apologize for going along with this game and mentioning her brother. We can’t make up because we were never friends, but I apologize and forgive her for everything that she has done to me since the year 2000. I forgave the father of my daughters who abused them and my sister, I forgave the man who leaked the video, and forgave my ex husband, therefore I have it in my heart to forgive Graciela Beltran for using my name for publicity and to sell her albums.”

We told you it was backhanded.

Anyway, we hope this will end this feud.

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