chiquisChiquis Rivera has shown her full support to brother Johnny Lopez in his revelation to the world that he is in a gay relationship.

Not only was she by his side in the video he released, she also posted this black-and-white pic on social media with the following message:

“This kid has been one of the main reasons I’m still alive and standing. For 16 years he has been my little life companion. After Dec 9th when we lost our momma it was hard to wake up every morning, but I knew I had to. He needed me, and I needed him. We have been through a lot together since then but with grace of God we are still here #FirmeYSinTemor … and today is no different! My baby boy @juanangeloficial you have been my biggest fan since I can remember, and today I am YOURS! Thank you for your love and support throughout all these years. I am so proud of the young man you are becoming and I know momma is too. You know why? Cuz you had the balls to tell YOUR truth in front of the world, knowing that some wouldn’t agree and possibly bash you, but you did it anyways. You stood up for something you believe in. You spoke with honesty and respect. You defended the love for your partner and your family… and that takes courage! Especially at such a young age. You have a good head on your shoulders and I know you’re gonna be okay…but just in case you drift off a lil I will be here to correct you when you’re wrong, support you when you need it, and stand with you when no one else will. You are not alone! You are LOVED and you are IMPORTANT to this world! Sister has your back until it’s my turn to graduate, and even then I won’t leave you. I love you papas!! #BeelieveIT #LoveWins #LoveIsLove #BeeProud #ProudBee #KingBee #MommasBoy #MyBaby #OurBaby #LaFamiliaHaceLaFuerza #TheRiveras #UnitedWeStand #JustLikeMommaTaughtUs”

Sibling love!

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