Thalia‘s grandmother has some choice words for the singer and her sisters – except Laura Zapata.

She is already taking action against her granddaughters over money that owed to her, but she now talking to the press to let the world know what kind of ladies they are.

In a chat on Todo Para La Mujer, Doña Eva Mange said:

“They never talk to me, they never say anything to me, they don’t know if I eat or if I live, they always attack Laurita, even though she is the one taking care of everything. If they’re not giving me anything, then they should leave me in peace.”

She also said that she is upset that Thalia and gang never asked her about where to bury her daughter Yolanda. In regards to that, she said:

“She didn’t keep me in mind, she took her, they didn’t tell me what I wanted of hers…as if I didn’t exist. I don’t know why they don’t have a heart, they make up things about Laurita, I made her a great woman, not a crazy girl like them.”

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