2017 Premio Lo Nuestro Awards - ArrivalsThalia is being sued for breach of contract over a big-money fashion contract.

The Mexican singer is being sued over a 20-year deal with EDF Brands to license products in her native country. The company claims that she blew off promotional duties and insisted on a whopping $120,000 travel budget beyond the bounds of their contract.

For a two-day trip for a product launch, Thalia’s demands are said to have included a private plane from New York to Mexico City for $65,000, hotel rooms for $15,000, security for $25,000, hair and makeup for $6,000 and a stylist for $10,000.

“Within months of entering into the agreement … Thalia demands a $65,000 plane to fly her to Mexico and [then] threatens through her attorneys to terminate the agreement,” EDF’s attorney, Andrew R. Goldenberg, told Page Six.

Thalia received a $150,000 advance and stood to make tens of millions of dollars had she “honored her promises to promote her brand” at events and through social media, Goldenberg said. He also believes Thalia “is throwing up roadblocks as a pretext to get a better deal, but she is hurting herself by making it more difficult to promote her.”

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