Thalia gave Hola an exclusive look at her book and the mag has published some excerpts from it in their most recent issue.

Summed up, it’s pretty heavy stuff.

Talking about the kidnapping her family went through:

“What happened to us as a family, sadly, has happened to thousands of people in Mexico and the world. The wounds that a kidnapping leaves behind are deep.”

She also talks about the death of her father, saying:

“I was only six when my dad died. The shock of his death was so hard that I stopped talking for an entire year.”

She shared how great her husband, Tommy Mottola, was when she was initially battling Lyme disease. She shared:

“While I was sick, Tommy was by my side. He was my nurse, my caretaker, my company. I was a skeleton and he, at all times, would tell me sweetly:’You are beautiful, my love’”.

Thalia also discusses how difficult it was losing her mother this past year:

“The passing of my mother was the biggest of all lessons that the Lord has given me up to now.”

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