ThaliaEMI Latin, the record label Thalia belongs to, held a press conference at the Mandarin Hotel in Miami to celebrate her eight nominations for Premios Juventud and for selling more than 10 million copies in her musical career.

This is most definitely a milestone, but they announced that she was receiving a Diamond certification. I verified with the Recording Industry Association of America and their site says on March 16, 1999, the RIAA® launched the Diamond® Awards, honoring sales of 10 million copies or more of an album or single. Because Thalia sold 10 million copies total of all her albums combined, is it still considered Diamond?

I don’t want to rain on Thalia’s parade, but I also don’t want to be misled at her parade. Those parades can be dangerous.

UPDATE: I checked with the RIAA and they let me know that a Diamond certification was not issued to Thalia. They also provided me with a link to a searchable database that shows no such certification given to Thalia. This is most likely just a recognition award given to Thalia by her label. Nonetheless, she has sold 10 million copies in her career and that is a big accomplishment in itself. Diamond or not.

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